Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

My Approach

What I can help with:
•    Family
•    Relationships/friendships
•    Trauma
•    Life changes
•    Anxiety & depression
•    Suicidal thoughts 
•    Self harm
•    Low self-esteem
•    Body image
•    Identity issues
•    Sexual health and orientation
•    Grief & loss
•    Confidence & communication
•    Unplanned pregnancy & infertility
•    Bullying 
•    Redundancy
•    Changing negative habits
•    Living with chronic illness
•    Caring for the carer 

Being able to talk and ask questions about issues that children and young adults are faced with is vital in today’s world. Topics such as drugs, addiction, peer pressure, bullying, anxiety, depression, self-harm, sexuality & relationships are all hot topics as well as the effect of social media and COVID on young minds.

The types of therapy I use:

  • Humanistic Existential

  • Phenomenological

  • Gestalt

  • Transactional Analysis

  • Creative

  • Focusing


Clients I work with:

Adults aged 18 and over for counselling.

Children aged 11 – 16 and young people aged 16-18 for personal, social and sexual health education.



Being listened to and talking about your feelings and experiences with a trained therapist can help you find your own answers. Some people worry about not having something to ‘say’ silence is part of the therapeutic process. I offer this service face to face, online or by phone.  


Walking and being outdoors is an alterative to the traditional talking therapy. Being outdoors can feel less formal and more relaxed bringing movement into the session. 


We will use colour and drawing materials, allowing you to express and explore your emotions through the creative process. We look to the old masters, painters and illustrators as well as children’s story books for inspiration. You do not need to be an experienced artist to access this therapy.